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Things I Get in the Mail

24 Feb

Sometimes I get really odd things in the mail. Today, I got a PetEdge Groomer Stylist pet grooming supplies catalogue.


What would I ever need with a premium stainless steel pet grooming basin?

Sometimes I wonder…


About Time

21 Feb

Well, it’s about time I update my little corner of cyberspace. I’ve been mildly harassed about it for a few days now so here goes.

Lots of things have changed for me lately. First off, my new job is going just swimmingly. Okay, maybe I just wanted to say swimmingly. But really, its going well. I’m enjoying it thus far, and I’m hoping to excel into something I’ll love even more.

I’m back in school as well. I’m not super interested in the classes I got stuck taking, but that’s life. I’ll just have to suck it up and do well in them.

I’m also continuing my writing. I’ve hit about eight hundred roadblocks but I’m working on it. I’ve started having time to read, so I’m getting inspiration there.

Okay, my apologies, but this was a really short post. I promise I’ll update soon, when I have something more creative/interesting to say.

Motivation to Write

7 Feb

Not everybody knows this, but I started blogging to begin with as a motivation to write. Papers for school, mostly, because I felt that I couldn’t just start a paper “dry”. Had to prime the pump a bit. And then it evolved into a place for me to whine and bitch about my life. Occasionally I’d post something hilarious (I’ll go through my archives and pick my favorites and repost them). Then it became a place for me to list my goals, a way to keep myself accountable to the things I promise to do.

Lately though, it’s been more of a motivation to write than anything. Only this time, I’m happy to say it isn’t papers for classes (I don’t have any yet…just wait), but rather I’m actually working on a real novel. I’ve written tons of short stories (I’ll find some of those to post as well) but this story won’t be short. I’ll spare you the details, so you can read them as soon as I’m published. Haha.

So for those of you that have been reading my blog since the livejournal days, I have to say wow. You’ve put up with me this long you deserve a medal. And for those just starting to read what I have to write, hello and I apologize for the oft too frequent rants.

Happy February

1 Feb

Now is as good a time as any to take a look at what I’ve accomplished so far in 2010. So far…

I’ve managed to snag myself a “real” job. I’m a bank teller for a large bank, and I’m really looking forward to learning everything I can about finances. I’d like this to evolve into a position as a personal banker.

I’ve taken a more minimalist approach to my spending. So far I’ve only purchased three items, all of which were my exceptions to my no-clothes ban. A new pair of comfy, low-heeled wedge dress shoes for work, and two pairs of dress pants (buy one get one free sale) for work.

I’ve started to flesh out the skeleton of a novel. I’m excited to see where that takes me, as well. I enjoy writing and I’m glad to have some time to unwind and get lost in my own fantasy land (without looking crazy).

I’ve returned to school, albeit part time. I’m taking a history course and a psychology course. Not much to report so far. Oh, one thing, a funny quote.

Student “So how long have you been a history teacher?”

Professor “Since 1999.”

Student “What about before that?”

Professor “Before that…before that I was a horse thief.”