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Knit Fast, Die Warm

25 May

Dear reader, I realize that you may not know me. I realize that you may not know that I probably have some form of OCD and that I’m extremely particular about the natural order of things. So let me explain to you that I plan everything. I mean it, every little thing. I’m not spontaneous at all. I plan things weeks, months, years in advance. To the detail.

My wedding? Planned. I’m not engaged, nor am I even close to that stage in my current relationship.

My career? Planned. I’m a sophomore in college.

My family? Planned. I want one girl and one boy. My husband will be someone of moderate importance. He will be impressed by my wild good looks and sharp wit. We will have beautiful children, but not until we decide that we can take on the financial responsibility of sending them both to Harvard. Or Yale, if that’s their thing, I guess. We’ll live in a large (read: mansion) on Lake Drive, or possibly a penthouse in New York City, depending on his level of importance. I’ll drive an Audi SUV to soccer practice. I’ll have a maid. There will be a cat (mine) and a dog (husband’s/children’s).

With the amount of time and care to detail I put into these things, you can imagine how UPSET I get when someone RUINS everything by merely EXISTING.

Or when someone doesn’t want the exact same outcome from certain situations that I do.

Or when they think they know better than I do.

Dear reader, you may understand my quandary.

You see, in order for my plans to work out, down to the detail like I LIKE THEM TO, the people I’m dealing with need to give me their complete and total cooperation. Because, reader, murder is illegal. And thus, my problem.

Because I like everything to go as planned. EVERYTHING. 🙂


Preparing to Move

11 May

Well, it seems that after a couple of weeks of searching, and after seeing a few places, my cousin, our friend, and I have found a really sweet place to live in next month!

If we get approved and sign the lease this week, all that’s left to do is my favorite thing. Packing.

This time around shouldn’t be too bad, because most of the things I’ll need to move with me are already packed in the attic. Also this  is a great time for me to get rid of some stuff. Namely a lot of the clothes that I no longer wear. I’m also getting rid of a lot of other things that I don’t use or need. Garage sale perhaps?

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my inevitable mental breakdown.