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The New Place

23 Jun

Well, here I am, blogging from my new living room! Exciting, right? I know.

Anyways, the blogging.

First, a short update on my life. I’ve just had my wisdom teeth out (all four) so I’ve been out of it for the last couple of days. My face is so beautifully swollen and my mouth just aches all the time. So I’m spending my time not doing a whole lot, and recovering. Other than that small upset, my life is pretty much the same as always. Work, work, work. Play. Y’know. Living the dream, here. I’m trying to enjoy the summer as much as possible, but at the same time I’m really anticipating the new semester in the fall. I’m taking a full time schedule again, and I really hope to do well. I’m taking classes I actually want to take for once, so hopefully that will push me through it.

Second, a short update on my cat. She’s adorable. The end.

Third, a little bit of exciting possibility. My cousin and I decided that we want to start a blog together. It’ll be a really awesome guide to DIY-everything and budget-conscience fashion/cooking tips. I’m hoping that it goes over well and we actually get the ball rolling. I think its a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to contribute. Link will follow as soon as, y’know, the blog actually exists.

And fourth, well dear readers, there isn’t a fourth segment to this blog. Like all good rules, numerical order is meant to be broken.


Hello Milwaukee!

18 Jun

Well, after a long blog-writing hiatus, I’m pleased to inform you that most of my things are moved in. I’m currently lounging on my bed in my new bedroom. I may or may not be borrowing someone’s internet connection to post this.

So far, I like the house. My room is HUGE compared to the room at my parents’ place. Most of my things are in the dining room right now, but I’ll take care of that today/tonight/tomorrow afternoon. I woke up early, got some stuff from Walgreen’s, and got breakfast at Webb’s. I was going to continue that productivity into unpacking my stuff, but even after three cups of coffee, my body wants more sleep. I’ve been lacking the last couple days.

What else can I tell you? Not entirely sure, but I’ll try to post another update tonight/tomorrow on the rest of my life’s happenings.

On Turning 21

9 Jun

Every year on/around my birthday I like to reflect on the previous year and make resolutions for the coming year.

In my 20th year, I got a real job and a grown up car. I changed relationships and found new happiness. I returned to school and made plans for my academic future.

In my 21st year, I want to move ahead with school. I want my move away from  home to be successful. I want to learn to manage my finances. I want to train my new cat to walk outside on a leash.

But enough about that. Let’s review what I learned on my actual birthday.

I learned that 2 margaritas, 1 vodka cranberry, 1 vodka lemonade, 1 tequila sunrise, 5 shots of tequila, 1 shot of wild turkey, and 1 shot of something red in a cup WILL make you throw up. Good times though, good times.