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House Into A Home

20 Jul

Slowly, but surely, I’m turning this living space into ¬†MY living space.

I’ve got my shelf put up, my desk together, my furniture arranged, and an idea for some wall hangings that I’m going to put above my bed. I got some cheap scrapbooking paper from JoAnn’s and I’m adding some bird silhouettes over the pink paper, and I’m framing it. My total cost per picture will be somewhere around $10, plus its 100% original if I do say so myself.

We’re also slowly getting the rest of the house looking good. We need a few more bits of furniture, and a cohesive idea as to what to do with all of the rooms. Some things need to go into storage, but overall its getting there.

Dear readers, I could wax poetic all night about my superb decorating skills…but I’m going out. For the first time since turning 21. Ciao!


Merry Maid

19 Jul

Some women would be terrible at having a maid service. They actually LIKE cleaning and getting things looking nice. Some of them actually ENJOY deep cleaning the house, busting out the trusty mop and scrubby brush. They wouldn’t know what to do with themselves if they didn’t have housework to keep their minds occupied.

Not I, dear readers.

I would be absolutely fantastic at having a maid service come to my house once a week, clean everything, and leave. I wouldn’t even have to be home. I’d be so awesome at going to work, staying there all day, hitting the gym (yeah, right) and then coming home to a perfectly neat and tidy house. It would be like magic.

Now, if only I could either A) trick someone into being my maid or B) actually afford a maid service.

I’ll work on it, trust me. Because I can come up with about eighty five million things I’d rather be doing with my time.


18 Jul

Today, I was up at 7, have already had breakfast, and am contemplating a redbull. Why?  Productivity. I need to get a lot done today, and the only way to do it is by not sleeping until noon.

I’m putting up my desk and bookshelf, moving my dresser, organizing my things, and get a jump on organizing my finances.

Some big projects I’m undertaking, no?

It might not seem like a lot, but I think you might be underestimating the amount of stuff I have to clean up/organize/get rid of. I’m talking AT LEAST five boxes of random stuff that I need to haul over to goodwill tonight. I’m almost thinking I should have a rummage sale, but I doubt that would be very profitable/a good use of my time.

But the good thing about that, is that I’ll have less stuff to cram into this room. I’m walking a very fine line between materialism and minimalism, and I tend to hoard things. Time to purge.

I want to get this house looking like an actual home. We haven’t really unpacked everything, put together our microwave stand, or found decent solutions to our slight food storage problem. The fridge/freezer is literally overflowing. Yikes.

Next mission, after the intense organizing/purging/rearranging of my room? Find stuff to put on the walls. It’s starting to get a tad bit depressing.


15 Jul

I’ve been thinking a lot about money lately. And how I have none. And come to think of it, where the sea turtles is it going?

You know what you do in these instances?

You go through 6 months of busy account activity and make a pie graph (disclaimer: I haven’t actually done that yet, but I swear, pie graph to come as soon as I can find a website that will make me a pie graph. Suggestions?)

I have a strong feeling that most of my pie graph will involve fast food. Which is not only bad for my wallet, but bad for my waistline. Come to think of it, I do have that gym membership that I haven’t used once…which costs me $22 a month. I should either cancel or utilize, here.

Not to mention, I was warned that I’d be getting 1/3 of the hours I’m currently getting in the upcoming weeks. I’m hoping to work something out with another branch so that I can get at least 20/25 hours, which really isn’t a ton but is better than 10. Also I think it’s time for me to swallow my pride and really get a second job. Even if it involves late hours and weekends. (I was really hoping I’d finally gotten away from that…oh well.)

Also, I went to and took the credit report card. I found out I currently have an F. My credit score is way below the national average, and I owe 110% of my debt. Yikes. I really, really need to get that under control. I have a feeling my game plan will be to first off, pay all of my bills on time and in full. Second, all extra cash really should be going to those debts. I’m not so much worried about the student loans as I am the credit cards. I really need to stop spending my money on stupid stuff.

Now, I’m off to start the daunting task of sorting through 6 months of activity. Good thing Moon wants to play “rub up all over M’s computer”. Don’t worry guys, I threatened to take her back to the pound. She purred. I think my cat is broken.


13 Jul

Wow, I just checked the date of my last post and realized it’s been a few weeks. I know, I promised regular updates. I’m sorry! So here goes.

I’m adjusting to the new place quite well. Today I’m spending the day with my roommate/cousin organizing the last bits of things that need organizing. We’re going to get this house looking like a home goddamnit! I’d like to get my room looking pretty spectacular as well. We’ll see how that goes. There’s a bunch of stuff from IKEA that I want (surprise), but it looks like that will have to be put off a few weeks. I’m playing the “I had my wisdom teeth out and missed almost a full week of work so now I have no money for anything and all my bills are due in the next couple of days” game. Sounds fun, right? Splendid.

Which brings me to my other point. I’m going to go to the bank today to get a statement history of the last month. I’m going to add everything up, and categorize where my money is going. Because, honestly, I only have a vague idea. And that’s not good at all. I’m putting on paper what my bills are and when they’re due every month. I don’t have a 100% dependable source of income, so budgeting will have to be tight. Sometimes I make a lot more than I get “salaried” and sometimes not. Oh, the pains of being an hourly employee. Also I really need to get on finding a new second job. I quit the fish fry place, so I’m down to only one job. If I could rely on said job for my total income needs, that’d be great, but I can’t so I need something new. Professional organizing, anyone? (I wish). I also got a little bit of a surprise from the government. I had applied for food stamps (embarassing but if you need it, you need it) last June. I got accepted last September. I never got my card, because by then I’d moved in with my mom. So now, I called to have my card sent, and I also inquired the balance of my card. $862. Wow. I can’t believe that! So I’m taking my mom grocery shopping in return for her helping me so often, and then my roommates and I are heading down to Whole Foods for a little mini shopping spree. Of course, I’m trying to spend wisely, by getting a lot of grains and pasta that can be stored, and boxed goods as well. Mom and I are also hitting up the local Sam’s Club for bulk items that keep for a long time (rice, anyone? how about 50 lbs of cat food. Hello!).

I also need to learn a better way to put in my contacts. I just spent a half hour on one eye, and the other one won’t even go in, because it just folds in half on my eye. OUCH!