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Finally, A Posting

23 Aug

I’ve started at least three new blog posts in the last day or so. Trouble is, I’ve got a few negative things going on in my life. Part of me wants to rant about them here, but part of me realizes that you can’t broadcast your troubles on the internet, because you never know who’s reading. So, I’ll gloss over the issues without going into too much negative detail, then move on with my post.

First, I have the next three days off of work. No, I didn’t take a vacation. When I was hired, I was hired for a 10 hour position. However, I began to work 30+ hours per week, so I quit my two other jobs. Now, our branch is more staffed and I’m right back at 10 hours, only now I don’t have two extra jobs to cushion my income. Thus, I’m panicking about how I’m going to afford to live in the next couple months. Rent should be fine, because I took out an extra loan this year, but as far as other bills…at that rate I won’t be able to afford the gas to get to work, let alone the car payment and insurance. I’ve applied for the same position at a different branch, closer to home and with more hours. Thankfully I also know someone that knows someone. So I’m going to call them in a couple hours (when they’re less likely to be busy on a Monday) and let them know that I applied and that I’d like an interview. I’m good at those, so here’s hoping.

The other negative issue involves my romantic life. I’m going to go into even less detail here, because I REALLY don’t know who’s reading this…but lets just say its really really hard/depressing/frustrating to be in love with someone who doesn’t have that depth of emotion in return. So much fun.

Okay…that’s done. On to the next bit.

Since I do have the next 3 days off of work, I feel like I should at least be productive. Today is cleaning day, where I’ll be cleaning/organizing just about every room in the house. Then I’ll be taking a look at/crying over my budget and figuring out a way to make THAT one work. I might even dye my hair.

Tomorrow is day of maintenance. I’m getting a wax, dying my hair if i don’t get around to it today, pressing my good pants and jacket, laundry, and the like. Also, I’m meeting up with TC for lunch/coffee/something because I haven’t seen him in forever and I miss him. I also need to go to Target to get a lid for our kitchen garbage can.

I’m not sure what I’m doing on Wednesday, because after all the cleaning and such, there’s not much left. Maybe I’ll spend the day with NB and watch some movies or something with him.

Then on Thursday I start French class and FINALLY I get to go to work.