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Makes Me Go Insane

24 Jan

Okay, it’s been a little while since last update so here’s a general what’s up in my life kind of post.

I started school last week, and I have to say, I think I’m really going to enjoy this semester. I’m taking a lit class that’s probably going to be my most difficult, almost solely because its an online class. Personal finance seems like its going to be a challenge, but a rewarding one. Politics is going to be a breeze, and Sociology of Religion, well that’s just up my alley. Plus there’s two tests (both essay and take home) and one paper (five pages double spaced). That’s it. Easy-peasy.

I’ve also been on this swing kick. I have a feeling its been the company I’ve been keeping, but I’m really digging it. I’ve always been a fan of the era.

Ever get halfway through a blog post and walk away and come back and have no idea what you were going to say? Yeah. Oopsie.


I’m Awesome at College

19 Jan

I’m typing this in bed the night before the first morning of classes for spring semester. All cuddled up next to me is a bottle of wine.

Yes, the bottle is CUDDLED next to me.

And this, my friends, is why I’m amazing at college.

PS first semi-drunk blog post.

To Do

18 Jan

Here’s my to do list for today. Maybe putting it here will help me actually finish it. Maybe.

  1. Wake up and be ready to get out the door by 10 AM. Shouldn’t be hard.
  2. Get my textbooks for next semester. This’ll probably be pretty time consuming, because I have to wait in line at the bookstore and fill out the paperwork for my textbook deferment. Oh, and I might get a new backpack.
  3. Get over to planned parenthood and find out what I need to do/bring to become a client. Having no health insurance sucks when I also need birth control. But hey, I could always just snag some condoms right?
  4. Clean my room. Seriously, I need to get all my laundry together at least. Because for god’s sake, I can’t see the floor. If I do nothing but clean up the floor I’ll be happy. This is where the list gets less important…
  5. Organize/file all the paperwork that’s loose in a binder on my dresser.
  6. Get rid of all last semester’s papers and get ready for next semester’s stuff.
  7. Organize my necklaces
  8. Organize my desk area
  9. Organize my room better, in general.

The bottom of the list isn’t as important as the top, but maybe the feeling of crossing the top parts off will get me motivated to do the bottom parts.

Le Weekend

17 Jan

That’s French for “the weekend”. Just in case you couldn’t figure it out. Anyways.

So this weekend was largely unproductive. I took a trip to Illinois to meet a friend’s parents. They were awesome and everyone got along, so maybe that counts as productive? Not sure. We got back on Saturday night, but I spent the night at his house and ended up falling asleep within 10 minutes of being back. Then I got home and we put up one of the two shelves that need to go up. The other one needs longer screws, at least I think that was the problem.

So now true to form, its about 9 pm and I want to get stuff going and organized and clean, but its cold, and I’m tired despite my 4 hour nap. I’m thinking about just veging on the internet for a while and doing my major stuff tomorrow. Setting the alarm for 9, shower, then heading to the bookstore to get my texts for this semester (school starts Thursday…eep.), and then over to planned parenthood to find out more about becoming a client (no health insurance is no fun). I figure after a fun day of all that I’ll want to come back home and get stuff DONE. I wanted to have an organized start to the new year and so far we’re 17 days in and I STILL can’t see my floor for all the laundry lying about. Not to mention all the paperwork I need to file. And I will need to put my books somewhere. Like I said, eep.

But right now I’ve got a definite case of the lazies. I should probably move my car because of the snow, but I just wanna leave it. It’s cold and gross and I can’t find my gloves. We’ll see where things stand in a little while.

In The Midnight Hour

13 Jan

She wanted to go through her wardrobe and pick out all the keeps and toss out all the not keeps. More, more more?

So its just after midnight and I told my boss I’d cover an all day shift tomorrow. My body doesn’t seem to want to accept that, and maybe its all the coffee I had after work, but I’m wide awake. I started all the stuff for coffee already, so all I need to do is press the button. And possibly go outside and grab my tumbler because I left it in the car again, blast! I really need two of those. One that I forget in the house and one that I forget in the car. I could just rotate them. Perfect.


I really do want to go through all of my clothes and get rid of a bunch of things. Only I have a really hard time parting with things. Also I own duplicates of things and I’m wondering if its really necessary. But that sundress really does have a different personality in red than it does in white/green. I really don’t need that top in three different colors…do I? This is gonna be harder than I thought.

Why is this coming on at midnight and not say, four hours ago when I was awake and full and not having to get up in five hours? Bah.

While it Snows

11 Jan

Today I got called in to work because one of the girls is sick. So I was all grumbly but prepared to go in and take the hours and work because I can’t say no and because I don’t mind work. My only issue was that my car doesn’t handle well in snow (I know, I need new tires) and I have almost no gas. Would’ve been fine, I was just gonna leave pretty early and give myself lots of time to get there.

But then my manager called me back and told me that he doesn’t want me driving that much distance when the roads are so bad.

I’m really glad to have such an amazing manager, even though I know its extremely short lived.

So on the menu today is, well, everything on my to do list.

Breakfast, then cleaning up my room, I want to change my sheets and fix my comforter. I want to get a bunch of my papers organized and I want to put up a shelf. Then I want to put up another shelf. But I need to know where the studs are first. I want to get some stuff done for school and I want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row so that I’m more prepared for things. I wanted to do laundry but I’m broke and will have to wait til Thursday, when I go to my mom’s for supper.

I’m giving myself a few more minutes of web surfing before I get up and get started. And get coffee going. Sheesh.

Black and White

6 Jan

So, I happen to have a certain design taste that really reaches across all the style elements of my life.

Everything I own is black and white.

I wear mostly black and white cloths with variations in greyscale.

In my bedroom I have a white bed, a white dresser, a grey dresser, a white/grey duvet, white sheets, black desk, and I just painted all of the wood elements black (frames, mirror, shelves, and bulletin board).

I have a black and white cat.

I have a white phone.

I have a black car.

I got a black and white journal for xmas, with a white cookbook.

I wrapped my holiday gifts in black/white baroque print wrapping paper.

I have a black and white baroque print makeup bag.

My favorite color is orange. What?