To Do

18 Jan

Here’s my to do list for today. Maybe putting it here will help me actually finish it. Maybe.

  1. Wake up and be ready to get out the door by 10 AM. Shouldn’t be hard.
  2. Get my textbooks for next semester. This’ll probably be pretty time consuming, because I have to wait in line at the bookstore and fill out the paperwork for my textbook deferment. Oh, and I might get a new backpack.
  3. Get over to planned parenthood and find out what I need to do/bring to become a client. Having no health insurance sucks when I also need birth control. But hey, I could always just snag some condoms right?
  4. Clean my room. Seriously, I need to get all my laundry together at least. Because for god’s sake, I can’t see the floor. If I do nothing but clean up the floor I’ll be happy. This is where the list gets less important…
  5. Organize/file all the paperwork that’s loose in a binder on my dresser.
  6. Get rid of all last semester’s papers and get ready for next semester’s stuff.
  7. Organize my necklaces
  8. Organize my desk area
  9. Organize my room better, in general.

The bottom of the list isn’t as important as the top, but maybe the feeling of crossing the top parts off will get me motivated to do the bottom parts.


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