Makes Me Go Insane

24 Jan

Okay, it’s been a little while since last update so here’s a general what’s up in my life kind of post.

I started school last week, and I have to say, I think I’m really going to enjoy this semester. I’m taking a lit class that’s probably going to be my most difficult, almost solely because its an online class. Personal finance seems like its going to be a challenge, but a rewarding one. Politics is going to be a breeze, and Sociology of Religion, well that’s just up my alley. Plus there’s two tests (both essay and take home) and one paper (five pages double spaced). That’s it. Easy-peasy.

I’ve also been on this swing kick. I have a feeling its been the company I’ve been keeping, but I’m really digging it. I’ve always been a fan of the era.

Ever get halfway through a blog post and walk away and come back and have no idea what you were going to say? Yeah. Oopsie.


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