I Was On Fire

10 Feb

Not literally.

I used to be super excited about my job and getting up and getting there was a pleasure. I got to do something I enjoyed and I got some pretty cool perks along the way.

But lately I’ve found that my job is just that, a job – not a career.

I’m getting burned out and I’m not entirely sure what to do about that. I’m in a position where I’m making good money and my employer is willing to work around the fact that I’m a student. If I change positions, I’m looking at the possibility of less pay, worse hours, more actual work, and I don’t know if that’s even a remotely good option. But the problem with my job is that if I’m not enthusiastic about being there, they won’t want me there. It’s not the kind of job that someone’s expected to kind of hate. Not only that, but customers kind of pick up on that sort of thing, and sales is a huge part of my job.

I wish that I could give it up and work on campus or simply less. I’m sick of driving to the other end of the county to get to work every day (I know, I chose that). I’m sick of wearing the uniform. I don’t know what to do about it because realistically I should be making more money to keep up with my current lifestyle. And my rent might be going up in a couple months because instead of having 3 roommates I’ll be down to 2.

I’m really not entirely sure what I’m supposed to do about this situation.


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