I’m a 20-something girl living in the great American Midwest, and this is where I vent, muse, and keep people informed.

I enjoy long walks in the woods and gazing at the moon. I dislike just about everything at some point in my life. But I get over things easily. I’ve got a tendency to react first and think second.

I’m a college student trying to actually finish a degree in Anthropology sometime in the next three years. So far I’m kicking some major ass and will hopefully be transferring to a real University in the fall of 2011.

Since I spend most of my time at work, I don’t have a ton of time for hobbies. I am, however, an avid reader, and my favorite place to be is the used bookstore hunting up a good read.

I fancy myself a writer, and am told that I could be quite good if I could ever finish a thought. My hard drive is littered with half-finished and barely begun manuscripts. Hopefully soon I’ll have an idea so momentous I’ll actually transcribe it in its entirety. Until then, I continue to pen short stories, and may soon seek to have them published in small literary magazines, to build a reputation. Who knows. Future generations may study my work in high school. Though, given my penchant for horror themes, I doubt it.

I ramble. I like swing music. I can make my own clothes. I do make my own clothes, on occasion. I have a really cool house with really cool housemates and a bunch of really cool friends. I like to think I’m really cool too.

I have a black and white cat named Moon, and my housemate/cousin has a tabby cat named Spoon. It’s a good story, I’ll post about it sometime.

My favorite color is orange, or white. Just about every electronic device I own is white, except for my camera, which is black. My favorite take out place is Noodles & Company. My favorite takeout, however, is Chinese food. I love Chinese food.

Anything more, I’m sure you’ll glean from my future writings. Until then, cheers!


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